As former President Bill Clinton recently reminded audiences, arts classes have a variety of benefits for helping children develop skills for success in the classroom and beyond (see the article here).   We have definitely seen the positive effects of organized music, art, and sports classes on the children at AYS.  Not only do the kids enjoy the opportunity to learn new skills, but they help develop confidence, discipline, and creativity.  If you have a skill you'd like to share, please let us know!  And, stay tuned for future performances where the kids show off their talents!
Here is an article written by one of our volunteers.  It well describes the work of Asian Youth Services. 

... P.S.  If you have time, visit Alan's restaurant, Chef O'Neills! (  We recently had one of our fundraisers there, and the staff there provided wonderful service for our children.
Today was a beautiful day outside, but the kids resisted the temptation and came to the center to work on their homework and take guitar lessons.  Some of the older children have guitar lessons with volunteers at Northwestern University.
On average, about 3 volunteers from Northwestern University come to the center on Saturdays to tutor or to teach guitar lessons.

When the children do not have homework to work on, Shari has them working on reading/English comprehension workbooks.  The younger kids love them, but the teenagers need some hustling to get started.  Many of the children need to read with tutors or do workbooks because they are about two to three grade levels behind on the English skills.  Please join us in making a positive change in the lives of the children by volunteering with us!

Here a girl is reading the Diary of Anne Frank
Children at the center working with tutors on their vocabulary
It was a beautiful spring day today, and since many of the kids are on Spring Break this week, the girls had a great time making bracelets with their tutors.  Thank you to the donor who generously provided the kits! 

Like most children, our kids -- the younger ones especially -- love doing arts and crafts projects of any kind.  We always appreciate donations of craft supplies and project kits to keep our kids' minds and hands active, especially as Summer vacation approaches!

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